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Mobile Hydrobath

Introducing Waggin 'n' Walking -Complete Animal Care Mobile Dog Wash (hydrobath)Service.

Waggin 'n' Walking Mobile Dog Wash service will come to your home and pamper your dog. We provide an affordable, reliable and convenient dog wash service for all breeds of dogs from a tea cup chihuahua to a saint bernard.

Waggin 'n' Walking Mobile Dog Wash service offers your dog.....

  • Hydrobath in warm water
  • Massaging brush
  • Nail clip
  • Ear and Eyes cleaned
  • Deodorize
  • Blow dry to remove excess water
  • Doggy treat

Please contact us for pricing.

Please contact us on 0417215617 for more details

Having so much fun!

Clean and happy ready for some more fun!

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